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Cautions and Considerations

If you have physical limitations and cannot get into the positions recommended by this product, don't force yourself. It is better to improvise. For example: Sit in a comfortable chair and lean back against the balls rather than lay on the floor. The important thing is not the balls or the position, but rather the correct pressure against the points while you remain comfortable. Some alternative positions are recommended in the video but don't be afraid to experiment. All the points in the video can also be done with finger pressure by you or another person.

Information provided with this product either from the book or video is not meant to replace the expert advice from your doctor or physical medicine specialist. If you are being treated by a specialist such as an acupuncturist, massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, or physical therapist for an injury or muscular condition, always check with them first. Most therapist will be familiar with this type of self-administered technique and will probably be helpful in coordinating it into your current routine.

For chronic muscle problems it is best to apply the Acupressure Works™ techniques at least twice a day. Frequent repetition greatly enhances long term results.

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