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Fitball Pressure Points System Includes:




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DVD Includes:

  • Instructions on how to find and activate 20 major acupressure points.
  • Alternative methods for self-acupressure for elderly or handicapped.
  • Lists muscles groups effected by each point.
  • Conditions treated with each point; i.e., back spasms, leg cramps, shoulder arthritis, neck tension, etc.


In easy to understand, step-by-step instructions, the video provides you with the information you will need to know in order to find and activate 20 of the most powerful points known to acupressure.

First you will be shown how to locate the 20 major acupressurepoints on yourself. With easy to understand instructions from the video and the visual aid of the acupressure chart you will be shown how to position the acu-balls so that your body weight, leaning into the balls, supplies the pressure necessary to activate the acupressure points. The acu-points were chosen based on 14 years of clinical experience of acupuncturist specialist and author Marc Coseo.

Coseo provides commentary in the video on conditions such as back pain, shoulder tension, tendonitis, arthritis symptoms, leg cramps, etc.

Medium-Density Pressure Points Balls
The acu-balls included in this kit are for people new to this system and are a safe density to begin this form of self-treatment with. If you prefer more pressure on the points you can substitute these balls with ones that are more firm. Firmer balls, while your body is leaning into them, will increase the amount of pressure being applied to the points. 

Acupressure Chart
The colorful and usefull includes acupoint numbers to coincide with the Pressure Points instructional DVD. It also includes anatomical references to muscle groups that this system affects. The chart also shows the anatomical landmarks you will need to know in order to find the points. It makes the whole system easy to learn. It s also an quick and easy reference and reminder after you have learned the basic concepts of the Pressure Points system.


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