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Testimonials of people who have been helped by Acupressure WorksTM

"The information presented in this video is terrific. This system should be available to anyone who has  sore muscles, aches, pains or who is active in any sport. .......In my case, I received nearly instantaneous relief from tender and sore shoulder and hip muscles which were aggravated by my martial arts practice."

-Jack Lincoln, Cumberland, RI

"Awesome for back pain! I've had chronic back pain all my life and have tried many different approaches to find relief. I have found that the acupressure techniques of the Acupressure Works system to be very effective in relieving my pain instantly. Because my pain is chronic, I find myself stiff and sore after work and in the morning when I wake up. After applying the techniques I feel better the rest of the day."

-Kathleen Gruman, Berthoud, CO

"I've had a curve in my spine from birth and have had to deal with pain associated with this condition for years. After a long plane flight and enduring severe pain in my legs from the simple task of sitting, I thought I was without hope of ever getting relief. After trying the Acupressure Works system, (recommended from my chiropractor) I was stunned at the relief. I've recovered movement and mobility in my hips that I haven't had since I was a child. Thank you Acupressure Works, I'm so grateful."

-J.R. McKinley, Loveland CO

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